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Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup Award Winners

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup Grand Award:
and Best ICT Startup (Consumer Market) Gold Award

Nbition Development

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup (Consumer Market) Award:

Silver Award: Uniques Digital Game Ltd.
Bronze Award: Klook Travel Technology Ltd.
Certificate of Merit: LinCogN Technology Ltd.
Certificate of Merit Spacebox Ltd.

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup (Business Market) Award:

Gold Award: Zero One Network Int’l Ltd.
Silver Award: KeptMe Ltd.
Bronze Award: polljoy ltd.
Certificate of Merit: Ackuis Technology Ltd.
Certificate of Merit: Starling Labs Ltd.

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup (Social Innovation) Award:

Silver Award: Around Technology Ltd.
Silver Award: Happy-Retired Co. Ltd.
Bronze Award: IT Wake Ltd.
Certificate of Merit: Snapask ltd.
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Nbition Development – Best ICT Startup Grand Award and Best Startup (Consumer Market) Gold Award


Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup Grand Award and Best Startup (Consumer Market) Gold Award - Nbition Development


Formed from the middle letters of ‘barista’, the Arist name brings barista style coffee into every home. Arist sets itself apart from all other coffeemakers, with its smartphone interface, precise customizable functions, elegant simplicity as well as a cloud platform where baristas can share their “coffee recipes” with users to establish a coffee community.

It is the first coffeemaker that provides complete control over every single step in the brewing process, from adjusting the grind size to fine-tuning the pressure. This intricate precision allows Arist to recreate the fine craftsmanship you so enjoy from your favorite barista all over the world.

Arist understands your desires. In fact, it can predict what coffee you want, and when! Like any good barista, it recalls your preferences and your particular drinking habits so it can make tailored recommendations among the 100,000 “coffee recipes” stored on the cloud platform.

Our company is teeming with innovative young minds seeking to impact traditional industries in new groundbreaking ways.

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Happy-Retired Company Limited – Best ICT Startup (Social Innovation) Silver Award


Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup (Social Innovation) Silver Award - Happy-Retired Company Limited


Happy-Retired is a social enterprise website and App which provides work, activity and health information to retirees or soon-to-be-retirees. Its mission is to keep retirees mentally and physically healthy.

The job and volunteer work matching function shows retirees’ work experience anonymously so that employers, NGOs or social enterprise can recruit them as employees or volunteers according to their strengths. Retirees can thus lead a more fruitful retirement life.

The blog and forum page allow users to share health information including symptoms, prevention and cure of illness.

Happy-Retired is founded by post-80s youngsters whose parents enter retirement lifetstage. Its working team include university students and retirees.


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Around Technology Limited – Best ICT Startup (Social Innovation) Silver Award


Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup (Social Innovation) Silver Award – Around Technology Limited (Linkingsource)


Around (previously known as is a platform that connects people and resources near where you live, work and study. Right now, people living or working in the same neighbourhood do not have ways to communicate. Local businesses also do not have effective ways to provide relevant information to nearby customers. These are the problems that Matthew Tam and Antony Wong, the co-founders of Around, are trying to solve. They are determined to make Around a successful business which creates significant social impact. For example, Around is making use of its connectivity to promote the sharing of resources and talents. The founding team has recently launched their mobile apps so that it became much easier for their users to get help and information on Around. One day, when you need help, try using Around and start connecting.


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IT Wake Limited – Best ICT Startup (Social Innovation) Bronze Award


Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup (Social Innovation) Bronze Award - IT Wake Limited


IT Wakes Ltd. was founded by some HKU young graduates in 2012. The co-founders developed an e-learning solution while they participated in a Sichuan reconstruction project in 2009. They developed a solution called iClass as their graduation project. It has been used in HKU for interactive teaching and learning.

In 2011, schools and publishers found that iClass was powerful, they demand for acquiring such a solution. HKU licensed iClass to IT Wake in 2012, and iClass was then commercialized through IT Wake. There are ~200 schools registered for their services. Resellers had been established in Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangdong.

IT Wake also joined Cyberport’s Creative Micro Fund & Incubation programme in 2012.

iClass is an e-Learning platform on cloud, which aims to enhance the teaching and learning environment in the classroom by the aid of mobile devices. Teacher can upload teaching materials and questions through our cloud platform, student can then submit responds with their mobile devices. Results can be collected and statistics can be generated in real-time.

The company’s mission is to uplift the standard of e-learning environment for schools in Hong Kong, mainland and other parts of the world. IT Wake targets to contribute to education through our advance and innovative ICT technologies.


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Snapask Limited – Best ICT Startup (Social Innovation) Certificate of Merit

Snapask team

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup (Social Innovation) Certificate of Merit - Snapask Limited


Founded in 2013 by a team of young graduates from HKU, HKUST, and CUHK, our core mission is to make education more accessible, efficient, and affordable.

After school academic support provides a competitive edge for students wishing to get into university, so it is of utmost importance that regardless of socioeconomic background, students are given access to high quality tutoring. Herein the problem lies. How do you provide high-quality education that is also affordable?

Snapask is a mobile app that allows students to post academic questions and receive instant one-on-one academic support online. To ensure quality, our tutors are selected from students studying at top universities in Hong Kong. By making use of crowdsourcing to recruit our tutors, we are able to maximize efficiency and ensure that academic guidance is available anytime, anywhere.

The full version of Snapask was launched in January 2015. We have already set up a team in Taiwan, with Shanghai following suit in late March. Our goal for this year is to successfully expand to Greater China, and to become one of the most prominent e-learning apps in the region.

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ZERO ONE NETWORK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED – Best ICT Startup (Business Market) Gold Award

BrandPit TeamPhoto

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup (Business Market) Gold Award - ZERO ONE NETWORK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED(Brand-pit)


About Brand Pit
Brand Pit is an early-stage market intelligence startup based in Hong Kong and Tokyo. We use image recognition technology to let brand managers track where products of their brands are being photographed across the internet.  For more information, visit

Brand Pit Provides Image Based Analytics
Brand Pit, a marketing intelligence company, today announced a trial campaign to its analytics platform.
People are posting photos and videos about their life on the internet.  By analysing these resources, brand managers and digital marketers can gain a great deal of insight into their customers.

But in reality, most photos on the internet are either not hashtagged or spammed with irrelevant tags, making hashtag based analytics unreliable.

Brand Pit aims to resolve this problem by employing image recognition technology to extract information directly from photos and videos.  Brand Pit provides a better insight into who the real customers of a brand are, how are they really using the products and how is the brand being visually represented online.

About Team
TT Chu is from Hong Kong who has financial background with more than 25 years of programming experiences and Mayuko Yamaura has marketing experiences both in the US and Japan.

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KeptMe Limited – Best ICT Startup (Business Market) Silver Award



Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT  Startup (Business Market) Silver Award - KeptMe Limited


About KeptMe

Founded by a passionate couple and headquartered in HK Science Park, KeptMe is a global leader in Children Lifelong Portfolio solutions. KeptMe’s offerings leverage world-class technology solutions and innovations. We have clients in HK, Australia, Singapore, Canada and the UK, we’re working on growing our global footprint!

1.  Enhancing the brand with high quality reports & portfolios

KeptMe maps content of all portfolios directly to different school’s pedagogy design and make quality compliance to educational frameworks such as IB, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Play-based learning, etc. a breeze.  In addition, for babies from several months old, we have a Daily Tracker, which shows clearly children’s day-to-day activities to parents.

2.  Using 70% less effort

Teachers can relax knowing that student portfolios are automatically generated in seconds, and contain everything required to track each child’s progress against outcomes.

3. Empowering Teachers. Engage Parents.

As teachers submit observations, notifications alert fellow teachers of any updates enabling co-contribution among teachers. Notifications and announcements can also be sent to parents notifying them to check out the app or the web portal when teachers publish their child’s individual portfolio.

Don’t just take our words for it.  Check out this to understand why teachers Love KeptMe:

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polljoy limited – Best ICT Startup (Business Market) Bronze Award


Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup (Business Market) Bronze Award - polljoy limited


The idea for polljoy came out of a real world need.  One of the co-founders Simon had built a large mobile game company with over 20 million users, and needed a way to get faster and more accurate feedback and input from users to make the games even better.  Few people leave App Store reviews, and they are the very vocal minority – not a very unbiased set of users.  He wished there was a way to simply ask the users directly in the game, in a way that felt very native.  Meanwhile our other co-founder Antony had a similar need with the iOS apps he was making, and the idea for polljoy was born.

polljoy is the pioneer of mobile-first in-app polling and surveys service for apps and games – supports Android, iOS, Unity and Web. Our mission is driven by the belief that developers who engage and listen to their customers are the ones who will make better user experiences and succeed. The company was started by experienced entrepreneurs from the mobile app and gaming industries. With polljoy, mobile developers of all sizes can gain instant user feedback on images in addition to text.


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Ackuis Technology Limited – Best ICT Startup (Business Market) Certificate of Merit


Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best ICT Startup (Business Market) Certificate of Merit -
Ackuis Technology Limited


Ackuis Technology Limited focuses on industrial automation development. We aim towards providing the best and innovative solutions that will change with way manufacturing companies operate. We make every effort to assist manufacturers to improve their production process in order to improve product quality and increase productivity and efficiency.

Ackuis comes from the words “accuracy and integrity”, we uphold the concept of accuracy and integrity to provide our customers with sound and reliable solutions.

We specialized in the development of industrial data acquisition and control system to equip industries with facilities to gather production data, and perform control actions right from a centralized location without actually going to the plant. Our Industrial Equipment Cloud Monitoring System is a cloud-­‐based solution which is designed to collect and use the production data to improve operations by providing manufacturing intelligence, system maintenance and production traceability function. Data will be acquired by our connector device, which supports complex connectivity with different industrial equipment. Then our cloud server will process the data for analysis and production control.